Your best friend for creating ePub books

You don’t need to have any technical or design experience to easily create a beautiful eBook

Ideal for


Convert your print titles into professional high quality eBooks with ease

Book Designers

Deliver eBooks to your clients without worrying about Code, XML, ePub validation etc.


Ensure that your hard work gets the beautiful presentation which it deserves


Create digital compendiums for your students eReaders, tablets and smartphones

Make your content shine

  • Freedom of expression with powerful text formatting options.
  • Professional design templates ensures beautiful results.
  • Fast and easy conversion from Word and InDesign.

We’ll take care of the technical details

  • Cross-Reader compatibility testing ensures reliable results for all your customers.
  • Build-in ePub validation makes every exported eBook instantly ready for distribution.

How Telling works

  • Enter your metadata and choose a stylish eBook theme.
  • Copy your content into Telling and style as you wish.
  • You’re ready to distribute your validated & cross-reader compatible ePub.